Giving Makes Me Happy: Chesapeake College Annual Internal Giving Campaign

We have made meaningful changes to increase the impact of your donated funds.

Welcome to FY22 AIG

As Chesapeake College faculty and staff, you invest your time and talent in the college and our students every day.  Through the Annual Internal Giving Campaign, you have the opportunity to provide funds that are vitally important to the work we do and improve the Chesapeake experience for our students.

1. Select from the AIG fund categories to support the initiatives that most inspire you:

  • Teaching and Learning
  • Student Support and Success
  • Campus Climate and Culture
  • Scholarships
Fund CategoryFund Description
Teaching & LearningThis fund incorporates projects that enhance academic programs, faculty development, instructional innovation, and academic enrichment programs.
Student Support & SuccessThis fund incorporates projects that enhance the student experience and student achievement through student life activities, clubs, and student supports and interventions.
Campus Culture & ClimateThis fund incorporates projects that enhance our physical campus and build a positive climate through faculty/staff-led community-building initiatives.
ScholarshipsThis fund supports a General Scholarship that would be awarded by financial aid, not through the application as it would have a singular purpose.

2. Application Process

This application process allows any individual or team of faculty or staff to apply for funding to support students and the College in the fund areas described above.

Download the Application

Please consider making a gift of any size, to the fund category of your choice, today.
Every Gift Counts!

Thank you for your support of our students and our campus community,

Your AIG Committee:
Katie Blaha (Member of Chesapeake College Foundation Fundraising Committee)
Sharon Dove (Staff Representative)
Tammy Field (Faculty Representative)
Christle Foster (Staff Representative)
Michelle Hall, Interim Director of Constituent Engagement
Latellya Stewart, Development Coordinator
Princess Williams (Staff Representative)

Ways to Give

We offer several ways to give. Your gift furthers all of our efforts to provide the best education and learning environment possible for our students. Explore the tabs below to give in a way that works for you.

Payroll Deduction Pledges are the affordable way to give, all year long.

Simply select the fund(s) below that you wish to support, enter the amount you would like to contribute to each fund from each pay period, then decide how many pay periods over which you wish to make your contribution. Note: There are 24 pay periods in the year.

Your contributions will be automatically deducted from your paycheck beginning with your first paycheck in January 2022.

Questions? Explore our FAQs. 


Teaching & Learning

Student Support & Success

Campus Culture & Climate

College Scholarships

Specific Endowed Scholarship

Make a One-Time Gift by Credit (or Debit) Card here. Select the fund you would like to support, enter the one-time amount you wish to contribute, and complete the online payment process. No pledging, or paper, required.

Questions? Explore our FAQs.

Make a One-Time Gift by Check here. Select the fund(s) you would like to support, enter the one-time amount you would like to contribute, and mail a check at your convenience.

Please send all contributions to:
Chesapeake College Foundation
PO Box 8
Wye Mills, MD 21679

Questions? Explore our FAQs.


2021 AIG - Check

Teaching Fund

Student Fund

Campus Fund

College Scholarships


FY22 Annual Internal GivingFrequently Asked Questions


What is the Chesapeake College Foundation and how does it work with Chesapeake College?

The Chesapeake College Foundation fundraises to support Chesapeake College and is governed by the Chesapeake College Foundation Board. As a 501(c)(3) organization, the Foundation is an autonomous organization that enables donors to give tax-deductible donations to support the College. All non-endowed funds donated to the Foundation are transferred to the College in accordance with Foundation distribution policies and donor intent.

What is the Annual Internal Giving (AIG) Campaign?

The Annual Internal Giving Campaign, referred to as AIG, is a campaign designed to encourage giving to the Chesapeake College Foundation by our faculty, staff, and administration. Under the new AIG plan, the goal of AIG is to engage our faculty and staff community in not only providing support for initiatives that support the College and its students but also in driving the initiatives that will be the most impactful.

Giving to the AIG Campaign

How do I make a gift through the Annual Internal Giving (AIG) Campaign?

There are two mechanisms through which you can make your AIG gift:

  1. Make a one-time gift by credit card or check payable to the Chesapeake College Foundation.
  2. Make a recurring gift through a payroll deduction pledge. You can make a pledge to the AIG campaign with incremental amounts of the pledge deducted from payroll over 24 or fewer pay periods beginning with your first paycheck in January 2022 and ending with your December 31, 2022 paycheck.

Can I divide my gift among multiple categories within the four categories of Teaching and Learning, Student Support and Success, Campus Climate and Culture, and Scholarships?

One-Time Gift by Check: Select the “One-Time Gift by Check” option on this page to indicate a specific amount you would like to give to any or all of the four fund categories.

One-Time Gift by Credit Card:  Select the “One-Time Gift by Credit Card” option on this page to make your gift via secure connection.  The online donation form will only accept a donation to one fund at a time.  If you would like to donate to multiple funds, you enter each donation in a separate transaction.

Payroll Deduction Pledge: Select the “Payroll Deduction Pledge” option on this page to make your pledge.  You will be able to indicate a specific amount you would like to give to any or all of the four fund categories.

One of the funds is Scholarships, will I be able to designate my gift to a specific scholarship?

Gifts made to the Scholarship fund can be directed to any of the Foundation’s specific endowed scholarships. On the form enclosed in your AIG packet, and within each online form, you will have the option to write in the endowed scholarship to which you would like to direct your donation. Please contact Latellya Stewart at for a list of endowed scholarships.

One-Time Gift by Check: Select “Specific Endowed Scholarship Fund” from the options listed here. A field will appear where you may indicate the specific endowed scholarship to which you wish to apply your gift.

One-Time Gift by Credit Card:  Please contact Latellya Stewart at for information about how to make a one-time gift via credit card to an endowed scholarship.

Payroll Deduction Pledge: Select “Specific Endowed Scholarship Fund” from the options listed here. A field will appear where you may indicate the specific endowed scholarship to which you wish to apply your gift.

If you do not designate a specific endowed scholarship, your gift will go to a General Scholarship Fund which will be awarded to students by financial aid. The general scholarship fund is particularly impactful because it allows financial aid to meet student needs quickly and easily without the restrictive criteria of many endowed scholarships.

Distribution & Use of AIG Funds

Where will my donated funds go?

As described above, your donation can be directed to any of the four AIG funds (Teaching and Learning, Student Support and Success, Campus Climate and Culture, and Scholarships) or a specific endowed scholarship. While donations are made to the Foundation, funds are transferred to the College twice per year. All one-time donations and pledges for January through June will be transferred to the College in January and all pledges for July through December will be transferred in July. 100% of your donation goes to the fund(s) that you designate on your AIG form and is restricted to the purpose outlined in the fund description.

How will items funded through AIG in the past be funded now?

Because the process of applying for AIG funding will be open to all faculty and staff on campus, any project that was previously funded through a specific, designated AIG fund can now be funded through the application process. While there is not a guarantee of funding through the application process, we hope and expect that we will be able to fund all projects for which we receive funding, if not solely through AIG funds through other unrestricted Foundation resources. In selecting the four new AIG funds, we ensured that each of the previous AIG funds fit within one of the four new categories.

Who will be responsible for managing the spending of AIG funds?

Donated funds for each of the four AIG funds will be transferred to corresponding cost centers at the College. Cost center managers for the Teaching and Learning, Student Support and Success, and Campus Climate and Culture cost centers will be provided specific budgets for projects approved through the application process. Spending by project leads will flow through the designated cost center manager and will be based on the project budget provided. Accountability for spending in alignment with the project budget will lie with the project lead and be overseen by the cost center manager. Project leads will be required to submit an impact report outlining budget to expenditures at the conclusion of their project.

What will happen to fund balances in previous AIG funds?

Past AIG gifts to specific funds were given with restriction by the donor and are reserved for that restricted purpose. All donations to previous AIG funds have been transferred to restricted funds within assigned College cost centers and will remain within those funds until they have been expended. Cost center managers with a fund balance will be encouraged to continue spending available AIG funds in alignment with the fund’s restricted purpose.

Application Process

How do faculty/staff apply for AIG funding?

Faculty and staff can apply for AIG funding by completing the provided application by the due date and returning it to Latellya Stewart via email ( If there is additional funding available after the first group of applications are funded, a second round for applications will be accepted.

Who will decide what applications are funded?

All applications will be reviewed by the AIG steering committee. A new committee of faculty and staff will be selected each year to assist with the review of applications in an effort to involve as many faculty and staff in the AIG process as possible.

Why is there a limit to how much can be requested through the application process?

We cannot predict how many applications we will receive and the scope of the projects for which funding will be expected. At the same time, we want to ensure we can fund as many projects as possible. Knowing what we typically raise through AIG (even though we hope that will increase!), we decided to start with a limit of $1,000 for each application round in the hopes of being able to fund all the requests we receive.

Sharing Impact

When and how will I know what project applications have been approved?

Projects submitted for the October deadline but not yet approved will be shared during the AIG campaign period to give faculty and staff a sense of the projects their donation might fund. We hope sharing these projects will encourage donations.

Subsequently, approved projects from the October application round will be shared campus-wide by December 13th, once we know how much money has been raised for each fund through the AIG campaign. Approved projects from the January/February application round will be shared campus-wide by April 15th.

How will I know how my donation was used?

Initially, donors will know what projects were approved within the fund to which they donated. Donated funds will support those approved projects. Following project implementation, project leads for all approved projects will provide an impact report so we can create an AIG-specific annual report to share with donors. We also hope to get project updates throughout the year and even impact videos, as possible, to periodically share with faculty and staff via email. Donors to the scholarship fund will be provided a list of scholarship recipients and be invited to a celebration to meet the scholarship recipients.

What is the timeline for the FY22 AIG Campaign?

September 27, 2021 through October 22, 2021AIG Project Application submissions for projects that will occur from 1/1/2022 through 12/31/2022
October 22, 2021Project Applications Due to Latellya Stewart
October 27, 2021AIG Kickoff Event. Approved applications will be announced.
October 27, 2021 through November 23, 2021AIG Donation Period (online and packets)
December 13, 2021Announce funded projects to Project Managers and campus community
January 15, 2022First Payroll Deduction
Open: March 1, 2022

Applications Due: March 31, 2022

If we have additional funds, solicit second round of applications from faculty and staff for projects that will occur from 7/1/2022 through 12/31/2022
April 15, 2022Announce approved/funded projects from second round